Jodi works with both horse and rider to improve communication between the pair.  She uses lunging, cavaletti, hill work, jumping and galloping to improve the horses strength, flexibility and confidence.  She also incorporates Pilates, cardio and mounted exercises to accomplish the same thing for the rider.

Jodi believes that a horse who is patiently trained and conditioned properly will be happier in his work.  A horse trained in this manner will have a better chance of having a long, serviceable and sound career.  She never forces a horse to 'fit the expected mold.' Jodi lets the horse tell her through his work when he is ready to move up to a new challenge.  Her focus on 'the basics'  of the Dressage Training Pyramid Scale, no matter what level, keep her horses happily moving up to meet their full potential.

Trista Farm South, Winter Training in Florida

Go south this winter with or without your horse. Jodi Ely's Florida training facility offers boarding, housing, training, and showing. Programs are personalized to fit your needs. Numerous shows and learning opportunities within an hour of her beautiful farm. This would be a good opportunity to spend all day, every day learning, riding and exercising to be the best rider you can be in the warmth of sunny Florida.